Frequently asked questions

What are your rates?

Tuition varies by semester, depending on the number of weeks in the semester. The upcoming semester information is in the About section of this website.

What if we have to miss a lesson?

Two missed lessons are built into each semester. They can be used for illness, special events, or vacations.

What's a good age to start lessons?

Kindergarten is a great time to start private lessons and students age 5 and older can usually stay by themselves. Younger students need more parental involvement in their lessons.

Where do I get an instrument?

There are many options for finding an appropriate instrument.
For string players, renting is usually a good option in the beginning. I recommend Classic VIolins in Mundelein. Their prices are good and they have excellent instruments. For piano students, an actual piano is best, but if a keyboard is a better option for your home, please find one with weighted actual size keys, such as a Yamaha Clavinova. For guitar and ukulele, please consult with Susan before purchasing an instrument and she'll be happy to help you make a good choice.